World Blood Donor Day at Sasthya Bhaban

There is a need of a particular day for donating blood. Why? Can’t we donate blood any day? Yes, of course. But, the thing is, we won’t think of donating blood unless there is a cause. Why is there a particular day for a festival? Because in that particular day, everyone can celebrate together. Designated by the UN, world blood donors day is one in which, people think about their donating blood in specially set up camps. However, we do have camps organized in other days. But this is a day, when the Governments of most countries organize blood donation camps and interested people come together to donate blood.

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Now, what is the need for a camp? Blood donation is possible any day in hospitals, but we still need blood donation camps as bulk of blood in blood bank comes from donation camps. Firstly, blood donation in camps are systematic and scientific. Secondly, a certificate is issued by the Government or the camp organizers. Thirdly, all blood donors donate together, giving a sense of togetherness. Hospitals are best suitable for emergency blood donation, which are still needed even after regular organization of blood donation camps.

14th June is designated as World Blood Donation Day by the United Nations. Blood donation camps were organized at various cities of India by the Government. One such camp was organized by the Government of West Bengal at Sasthya Bhaban, Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata. A bus from NBTC (National Blood Blood Transfusion Council) arrived at around 11 am, inside which donations were done. A small inaugural ceremony chaired by Health Minister of West Bengal is conducted at the beginning after which donors donated.

From Techno Main, Salt Lake, we had 20 donors and there were 38 donors in all. One of the donors was a 65 year old man, who had donated blood 119 times in his life. We, team Samaritans, volunteered the whole event and some of us donated blood (others can’t due to low blood pressure). Overall, it was an exceptional experience to be able to help State Blood Transfusion Council conduct its blood donation camp in a campus unknown to us.

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