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Join Hands

Little initiatives to inspire the youth to carry out social responsibilities

Raise Hands

Innovative philanthropic events throughout the year to nurture the social values and connect the mass

Be A Change

Voluntary participation for the cause of creating a better society

Have fun

Spread a smile, share happiness to celebrate humanity in our own way

Who Are We ?

With an initiative of Dr. Rina Paladhi, Honourable Director of Techno India University (formerly Principal of TMSL) and Ichhe Dana, an NGO run by Alumni Association, SAMARITANS, the NSS club of Techno Main, Salt Lake, laid its stepping stones in the year 2014 with 20 members, who belong to different B.Tech and Non B-Tech Departments. This club is in charge of carrying out all the social service activities on behalf of Techno Main, Salt Lake. In three years after its inception this club has come to enjoy tremendous growth in acceptance and popularity among students and faculty alike. Also, starting with a humble number of 20 members, the club now consists of over 200 members and 300 aspirants strong. These members work hard with the motto of : “Join Hands, Raise Hands and Be a Change”.

Our Mission

Nowadays when we are seeing our surrounding becoming more and more selfish and losing the greatest virtue of life – humanity, a trend of decreasing interest towards ‘real’ social responsibility is being observed amongst us. Today’s young generation are seen to shrug off their social responsibilities with the wrong notion of it being too serious or difficult for them to carry out.

But is it really so? Is there no way in which we can look out for the simplicity within these responsibilities and come forward to make the society a little bit better for all in our own ways ?

This is an initiative to introduce Social Responsibilities to the youth in a very simple yet interesting way which will motivate and encourage them to come forward. Samaritans was established with the sole purpose of serving this cause. And with the belief that through this initiative, we will be able to nurture the feelings of brotherhood and the social values which are slowly fading away from our lives.

Our Vision

Samaritans believes that all it takes is a small step of will and empathy to make a change. To make the youth realize their potential in bringing a change for a better society, we have various activities round the year to represent the concept of philanthropic work in a way that everyone voluntarily becomes a part of it.

From “Plogging” Marathon, Cricket match with Specially-Abled team of India, Movie watching and Kite Flying with Underprivileged Kids, Converting Blood Donation into a festival, setting up “Medicine Banks” in the remote villages, Participation of 15000+ youth in Gift-of-Joy – Collection drive initiatives, “Pujo Porikroma” for the elderly people in our city, to “Anondomela” – a day of happiness shared with the children and elderly of a village are to name a few of the ways in which we strive to celebrate humanity in our own way. All these activities are re-designed to etch a mark in the minds of all who takes part in it.

At the day’s end, it all comes down to working for a cause and bringing a change for good in the society through our small gestures and deeds in an interactive way.


Get Direction to Our Club

Techno Main Saltlake

EM-4, EM Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar

West Bengal Kolkata 700091

Contact Info

Name: Abhishek Barnwal

Phone: +91 7004885397


Name: Baishakhi Bera

Phone: +91 8420755367

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