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We, Team Samaritans, are the official NSS team of Techno Main, Salt Lake college. On behalf of our college, we indulge ourselves in various activities, which may be some social issue, or environmental concern, or some scheme implementation.

We, as an individual, need to change ourselves in order to bring up that change. Have you ever noticed the contrast between dirtiest and cleanest places? The biggest contrast is that, we have a tendency to pollute the dirty places, and we are reluctant to make a clean place dirty. Take example of railway stations and metro stations for instance, metro stations are always so clean that we think twice before littering it. And once we reach the railway stations we seem to forget our ethics, and throw away tea cups, plastic bags and what not into the station and railway tracks. As we see other people littering the stations, we ourselves think, “Okay, it’s fine if I put that litter here, I’m not the only one to blame for any damage to the platform.” Yes, it’s our own problem, we try to follow what others are doing. We can’t do much about it, but can we change ourselves? Let’s try, and put the litter in the dustbins only, or if there are no dustbins, then, let’s put it in our bag itself. Can others follow what we are doing? Most of the times, it works, and you can be the leader to bring the change.

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This is just one example. Another one may be something like this. Suppose someone very close in relation to you is in need of blood. And you are told that there is no blood in the blood bank right now. What will then be your step? You can’t afford to let that person without some fight. You will find yourself ready to give away blood in order to save that person. Or if your blood group doesn’t match then you will desperately try to find someone who will donate blood to save your relative or friend. So if you had donated blood earlier, and asked others to do the same, this may not be the scenario. So time to time why don’t you donate blood at the blood donation camps? You yourself may be in need of it some day. Why are you relying on only others to donate. Be that change, go to a camp when you are healthy, donate yourself first, others will follow you. In Govt. organized camps, if you donate today, then someday in future if you are in need of blood you will get blood free of cost from the blood bank.

So we conclude that changing ourselves is enough for motivating others to do the same. As Mahatma Gandhi said,

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

So why don’t you join hands with us, and be that change the world needs.

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