Our Events


Blood Donation Camp

Annual blood donation camp of Techno Main, Salt Lake, is organized by Samaritans. As we get an excellent response from the college faculty, alumni, and students, our blood donation camp sets a new record of number of donors every year. We never force anyone to donate, nevertheless, we are overwhelmed at the number of new donors turning up to save a life. We are thankful to our blood bank partner, for providing us renowned doctors and material support, as well the college authorities for providing necessary space and requirements.

Social Awareness Rally

Social awareness has to reach the masses, and for that rally is the best option. Every year, three rallies are organized by Samaritans to aware the masses about what we think is good for our society. Each rally has its own pre-chosen topic of social or environmental aspect. Team Samaritans makes sure all the messages, conveyed in the rally, reach the masses without the slightest chance of chaos or commotion.

Collection Drive

Organized every year, this is a 3-day collection event organized in the college campus. Authorities, faculty, alumni, and students of our college gives food, pens, books, clothes, medicines, and get them distributed among those who are in need of them.

Kite Flying

This is kind of a festive day where the orphan children from an NGO fly kites with Samaritans committee. They enjoy playing with us as they have no parents to look after them. They are also given meals after the kite-flying event. It is a memorable day for all of us.

Movie Watching

Movie watching is another event involving NGO orphan kids, who otherwise would never get the opportunity to see a movie as we do in cinema halls.

Cricket with specially-abled team

Samaritans are looking-out ways by which, specially-abled persons like blind, deaf, or handicapped persons to enjoy as every other human being. So each year, a cricket match is organized between us members and some specially-abled persons from an NGO to enjoy and be eager to play like a professional player.

Puja Porikroma

Puja porikroma is another day-outing in which we visit renowned Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata with elderly people, who otherwise have little chance of seeing Durga Puja in pandals. This is done usually in one of the 5 important days of Durga Puja.

Swachh Bharat - Cleanliness Drive

Cleanliness drive is a day-event to keep our college and college premises clean giving a social message to the society. It is done involving all the interested people of our college. The main motive behind Swachh Bharat is not just keeping the locality clean but also not to litter unnecessarily any public place.

Seminar on social awarness agenda

This seminar is usually held at the beginning of every academic year. This seminar brings together under one roof all the newly joined first years and also other students from the college. The seminar brings renowned social and environmental activists who educates or awares us about the different problems that we are facing in the world or in the society. This event mainly teaches us to be a better human being and how we can take care of our own motherland.


Anandamela is a day when Samaritans goes out in a village for organizing a health check-up camp for the villagers, and for rural reporting. Spending a day in a new environment with the villagers and specially-abled or disabled persons in their lifestyle is an experience of a lifetime for not only us, but them also.

Agomonir Alo

Following the collection drive, the food items and the stationary items are distribured among the needy students of suburban Kolkata. As goes with the name, this event is conducted just before the puja vacation.

The Responsible Inhabitants by Nirit Datta

Team SAMARITANS has always shown their concern towards environmental balance and sustainable living. In order to inculcate these values in young minds, we organised a seminar in association with Environment expert Nirit Datta and his organisation Environmental Extremists India.

Model Making Competition Using Wastes

Following our experience in “The responsible inhabitants by Nirit Datta” we indulge students to make useful models and products using waste materials, which ignites the spirit of innovation in young minds.

Women's Football Match

To initiate the interest in sports and inculcate the skills of leadership and team work, Samaritans organises Women’s football tournament where football teams from our college as well as other colleges take part to write a memorable event highlighting women empowerment.


Samaritans hosted the greatest plogging in eastern India in association with Y-East. More than a thousand people participated in the marathon by running and collecting waste materials, disposed on the road side. The event was successful in drawing the attention towards cleanliness of the neighborhood.

Donation Drive

Following the collection drive, the¬†clothes collected were donated to “Bina Poishar Bajar” in Kolkata, where they collect all kind of clothes and distribute them amongst the people in need.

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