Living in a doomed world, amidst the ongoing corona virus pandemic has certainly changed all of our lives drastically. On top of that, there are waves of depression and stress due to the quarantine life and the lock down situation forcedly imposed upon us which is, unfortunately, the only solution to prevent the spread of the highly infectious disease. Education and academics are very much hindered too. But, since no one actually knows the end of this critical period, it has to be continued in a feasible way, the solution to which is “online classes”, the much-disliked term amongst students nowadays.

Technological barriers, network issues and disturbances are bound to be present. Nevertheless, educational institutions i.e, colleges, schools, universities have started taking classes on online mode through applications like Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet etc. Despite being annoyed, students have to attend them to resume their academics, get attendance points, practice experiments on virtual labs conducted and few more purposes. Now comes the crucial issue of how some students behave in these online classes. Many teachers face the wrath of the irked students who intentionally try to disturb the classes by dropping random comments in the chats, drawing patterns on the screen projected and making random disturbing noises. The most annoying and sad part is where teachers receive curse words from their end. This is totally an underrated form of emotional abuse because teachers and professors are not taking classes on their wish, but the instruction of the higher authorities, i.e, the Ministry of Education. These people are as helpless and stressed as we are, yet they are facing these kind of criticisms and allegations.

Students, from a sensible point of view, should cooperate with their teachers and in case of any problem, can and should tell that to them in a respectful manner. Abusing them is not the solution to end online classes. Everyone has to just go with the flow, whether accepting it or not, because this is the “new normal” and for an unspecified period of time, until the pandemic ends, this situation will continue to exist. All that these professionals want is a bit of respect and coordination, and we can surely provide that. Right? From a genuine place of concern, we think we must do so.

Here is a short video to give tribute to our respected teachers from team Samaritans: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2881416262137857&id=1481465328799631&sfnsn=mo&extid=RicqU6xJRUkzKHON

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