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The situation brought in by COVID-19 is not new to us anymore. We have been through it for about nine months at this stage. Despite this, no matter how familiar we are with this pandemic, there is always a shadow of gloom that is affecting the people around the world, especially those who are already struggling with hardships, whether physically, mentally or financially.
Being a club that is all about spreading positivity and compassion, Samaritans embarked on a journey to extend their helping hand and bring forth the smiles, even in this COVID-19 pandemic situation. As a joint celebration of both Diwali and Children’s day, we took an initiative to visit and spend the day with people who we believed to be less fortunate than some of us.
As part of this, we visited Ramakrishna Vivekananda Mission, Suryapur. It is a welfare home for the differently-abled children with hearing, visual and/or speech impairment. The mission aims to help these children become self-dependent by providing them with proper schooling, vocational training and care, free of costs. Likewise, in order to express our support for their objective, we also gifted them hampers containing various stationery items along with light refreshments, to boost their confidence and mood.
We also went on to visit the children living in the streets of Dumdum Cantonment station as a part of our Diwali celebrations, where we had a grand time. We brought a cake with us, among various other refreshments, which was cut with them cheerfully.
We are honoured to be in a position where we get to experience these events with them and be a part of their happiness. After all this, it was their smiles and delight that brought us a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction and made all of this worth the effort.

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