Anandamela’19 – A Day out in a Village

Though we, Team Samaritans, keep on travelling here and there, our biggest outdoor event comes at odd semester break, when we head out to a village for a one-day visit. This event named as Anandamela. This is a day to be remembered, as we interact with new people, the villagers, the specially-abled ones, the orphan kids in their own lifestyle in the rural atmosphere. And more than us, this day is important for the ones who spend time with us, who are mostly confined in their institution or their locality, and hardly gets visitors.

Team Samaritans organized Anandamela’19 on 26th of December with the help of our faculty members, alumni, students from 1st year and Team Samaritans of Techno Main, Salt Lake at the school, Moyna Ramkrishnayan Association, Medinipur with the specially-abled children and also the villagers out there.

We conducted 5 events there :
I. Swastho Utsav – A health check-up camp in association with Fortis.
II. Sishu Mela – A cultural event followed by spending some time with school kids there.
III. Gift a Smile – Gifts for the school children, like books and pens, which we collected at our collection drive event.
IV. Rural Reporting – Area-wise information taken from villagers around the school, and preparation of a detailed report based on the findings.
V. Tree plantation – 500 trees planted this year on account of 5th year of Samaritans.

Covering so many events, round the day was itself a hefty task. So we set out early in the morning, cover the entire day there, and return home by early evening. The lunch was provided by the Moyna Ramkrishnayan Association Canteen which was reviewed very good. The cultural performances by our members were equally good. The handicapped, blind and specially-abled people there may have their limitations in their field of working, but the way they welcomed us there shows they have a really great heart.

We thank the college authorities for providing us the bus facility. We thank Moyna Ramkrishnan Association for excellent hospitality and services we got there. We thank the teacher committee, who helped us a lot in successful conducting of the event. We thank all the members who actively contributed to our cause. We thank all the 1st years who joined us in the event.

And lastly, we would also like to thank Team Foveon, official photography club of Techno Main, Salt Lake, for covering up this entire event capturing those wonderful and memorable moments behind the lenses.

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